What tarot spread should you choose from a free online tarot reading session?

While doing the online tarot reading, you should choose the spread that fits your session duration. It may be challenging for you to find the tarot reading spread, but the rewards are the right remarkable once you avail of it.

While dealing with customers that are just beginning, it is suggested to use the once-card or three-card spreads. These spreads offer the opportunity to get a taste of tarot reading without paying for free online tarot readingsessions.

This article will tell you about the different types of spreads used while doing the tarot reading.

Three card spread

Three cards are the cards from left to right that referred the present, past, and future. The main aim of this spread is to make future predictions in the scenarios.

  • The three-card spread is used to determine the romantic connection.
  • The cards that exist at left, right, and middle represent the person asking the question, the energy, and the partners between them.
  • Despite the seeming lack of capacity, the three-card spread has the potential to be beneficial for rapidly getting the topic.

Five card spread

In this free online tarot readingarrangement of spread, you start with a standard three-card spread and then move forward to add the fourth and fifth cards to make the cross.

  • The card is situated at the bottom of the three-card spread. It will indicate the factor that brings about the situation.
  • In this, the card is also situated at the top of the spread, indicating the opportunities that will become in the future.

Celtic cross

The readers use a few cards named Celtic cross. This spread is easy to understand. On the other hand, the Celtic cross needs 10 tarot cards and many more times.

  • It consists of the major arcana and minor arcana cards to give the explained answers about the personal circumstances.
  • This arrangement of spread in tarot card reading is indeed time-consuming, but it is expensive also.
  • You must pay the charges every minute if you choose this spread to do free online tarot reading.


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