What Not To Do In Dubai 7 Mistakes To Avoid

What Not To Do In Dubai varies depending on your perception of what a holiday is supposed to be like. There is a lot of fun and activities in Dubai, but these are things that most people don’t associate with the city. For example, just because it’s the hottest tourist destination on Earth, does not mean that you shouldn’t have a great time. On the contrary, Villas for sale in Dubai is one of the most exciting places to visit for a family holiday or an adventurous adventure holiday. Be advised, Dubai’s summer weather doesn’t last forever. From April to October, the months are hot and dry. You should definitely avoid visiting during these months. If you do decide to visit during these months, make sure that you hire an authentic UAE hotel, especially if it’s in the desert area. Hotel room temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the desert heat. What Not To Do In Dubai: Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited in the city. Alcohol is sold at pretty cheap prices, so locals spend most of their money on tipping employees and enjoying themselves. However, you will be quite surprised by how many people buy and drink alcoholic drinks without reservation. Tipping is expected, so don’t forget to give a good tip. You may not like the law, but it’s there. What Not To Do In Dubai: Eating out in Dubai can be a nightmare, because most of the restaurants are located in shabby, dirty areas. They are cramped, tiny, and the food is often sub-standard. Most restaurants serve food from one dish, so try different foods until you find something you really like. Drinks, unfortunately, are not served in plastic cups. What Not To Do In Dubai: The public toilets in Dubai are horrible. They’re dirty, they’re unhygienic, and sometimes they’re not cleaned very well. You may be required to stand for quite a long time while you use the bathroom. If it is your first visit to a public toilet, it’s probably best to avoid them altogether. If you do need to use the toilet, just make sure to go in early. What Not To Do In Dubai: Many hotels offer beach front villas as an alternative to hotels. Unfortunately, many of these villas are little more than glorified cottages with swimming pools. They lack any amenities, they lack any style, and they certainly lack any tropical climate. For all their talk about sandy beaches, these beach-front villas in Dubai get little more than a puddle of water. Avoid these if you’re looking for a relaxing, tropical experience. What Not To Do In Dubai: Despite all the talk about shopping, food, and beautiful sights, many hotels charge exorbitant tourist rates. These rates can be extremely high and are often much higher than you’d pay in another Arab country. It’s important that you keep in mind the cost of a hotel before deciding on one. What Not To Do In Dubai: Dubai is home to many of the most luxurious hotels in the world, but some of these hotels require an excessive number of tips. For example, drinks in the bars can be over one dollar and eating at a restaurant can set you back another fifty dollars or so. This can become costly fast, and if you don’t know what you’re paying for, it’s not hard to get into trouble. Make sure that you only leave the hotel with as much money as you brought with you in the first port de la mer apartments Dubai. What Not To Do In Dubai: The weather in Dubai can be pretty extreme. Many travelers to this part of the world experience long waits whilst they’re trying to get into the Grand Mosque. Try to visit during a few months when the weather is at a more mild base. The desert doesn’t hold up well to the desert sun, so expect your car to get an early start. If you plan to stay at a hotel outside of the city, make sure that you get to know the staff inside well. Some hotels have a reputation for being extremely overpriced, and you don’t want to get stuck paying over the odds for a night’s accommodation. What Not To Do In Dubai: If you want to experience a bit of shopping during your holiday, you’ll probably want to head to the shops in the areas outside of the city center. Unfortunately, many of these shops have limited parking, making them a nightmare to visit. You’ll also want to avoid the freeform malls, as their layouts aren’t particularly appealing. Instead, go to one of the many shopping villages that are scattered throughout the city. What Not To Do In Dubai: Drinking and driving is, by far, the worst thing to do in Dubai. While the laws don’t necessarily apply, you may be heavily fined for either of these activities. The same can be said for having alcohol in your car. If you are planning a trip with a large group, try to organize a meeting place a few days before you travel, or ask your travel party if they would like to meet somewhere after you have returned from your trip.