Integrated stamping process and equipment, digital forming technology

China’s operations are in the face of gold growth period, facing the two binding of capital and situation. The resolution of capital and situation resolutions, my country must go to the new industrialization, and complete the construction of the operation, the construction of the system is completed, and the year-on-year growth is high-tech, and the capital is diligent. Economic globalization has gradually become one of the midwork of world production, so the performance skills that performs the highest capital application rate and the situation is the 21st century operation. This is a discussion of new technology and equipment of the \”Eleventh Five-Year\” Times 863 Planation and Promotion.

The metal sheet forming equipment is generally used in industrial categories such as automobiles, aviation, electronics, and home appliances. Special is the automotive industry. Today, the world’s booming country will use the automotive industry as one of the pillars of the citizen economy. The growth status Metal Stamping of the automotive industry is also one of the markers of a country’s industrial extent. The growth of the automotive industry will take the growth and equipment growth, while the growth and improvement of the forging skill is basically stopped around the development of the automotive industry, so that the number of control of the sheet forming equipment is agile, responding to the new product roll out. The stamping process is the most important origin process of automotive parts, car parts stamping process and mold CAD, CAE, CAPP, and CAM. For example, from the Jinan Forging Forging Machinery Research Institute and other units, the national \”Seventy-five\” scientific and technological research project of the development of the development of the development of the development of the country – China’s first plate flexible production system has been put into production.

Today, according to the new net stamped forming process of the ancestral skills such as FEM – plate number control progressive, inner high pressure forming, multi-point mold shape, mechanical-hydraulic drawing, electromagnetic forming, laser punching High energy rate of electro-hydraulic fluid, etc. Growth trend. The proposed agency stamping process and equipment integration, digital forming techniques include: high-efficiency full-active stamping process and CNC reversal show turbine, can complete high-efficiency full-active flexible cold punching forming or punching processing of plates; CNC laser cutting Process and equipment; metal sheets CNC, this skill does not require public molds to process randomous shapes, and save the mold design, production, experimental correction, etc. in the design product process, the ultimate year Nightly dropped the opening cycle and the cost of the new product, and the opening of new products such as small batch products such as aircraft and new products such as home appliances and the automobile new sample truck trial system have more economic value; multi-point mold forming process and equipment Controllable stamping process and exchange servo press, the machine can complete the on-board computer of the punching forming process, specially high-strength steel plate on high quality forming cars. Today, Japanese manufacturers stop in the development of the exchange servo pressR \u0026 D task for the number of years.Japanese manufacturers such as Hi Tian, Xiaoquan, and NANG did not only produce marketized products, and more deep discussions continued to stop; and used in components such as automotive exhaust pipe systems, high pressure and filling forming processEquipment.