Air conditioning auxiliary electric heater is frozen

Some air conditioners will appear in the cold area. Let’s talk to you about the reason for the freeze cracks of air conditioning auxiliary electric heaters. Air conditioning auxiliary electric heater freezing can analyze the cause of design, manufacturing and use 1. Design error 1, air conditioning heater has too much heating area, so that hot water flow And the flow rate in the coil is lowered. The heater pipeline is connected in parallel. It uses water flow control heating process. The more the surface area of \u200b\u200bthe heaters is rich, the more the water temperature is lower than the hypothetical value, the smaller the actual flow of the calorime. Therefore, increase the balance of the surface area of \u200b\u200bthe heater, isometed to reduce ceramic heater the flow rate of the effluent temperature, water flow, and tubes, which are the risk of frozen. 2, in order to enhance heat transfer effect, the direction of water flow in the heater is mostly reverse, forming a logarithmic temperature difference, but does not perform detailed examination of the heater effluent temperature and flow rate, resulting in too low water temperature, The flow rate is too small in the tube. Second, the manufacturing problem of the heater The interior of the coil is launched in the interior of the coil and cannot be excluded, and the bathroom forms a sprinkle, hindering the normal cycle of water. Third, improper use During the system stopping operation, the cold wind is not tightly penetrated by the wind valve, and the water valve is complete, which will also freeze. The above is the reason for the air conditioning auxiliary electric heater is frozen, I hope to help everyone.